Background about the research

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The 2017 Annual Supplement is being conducted to follow-up on important trends identified in last year's Networks Processors and Issuers Payments Study (NPIPS) ais part of the Triennial Study which the Federal Reserve has authorized since 2001.  The research utilizes a census methodology to count the number and volume of electronic payments initiated and completed in the United States for the year 2016.   Blueflame Consulting of Melrose, MA has been engaged to administer a series of specialized data forms on a confidential basis to organizations such as card networks that are in a position to "see" a transaction once and only once as it flows through a variety of payment system participants.   All data is keep confidential and is only used in aggregate for the purpose to measuring trends and changes in payment methods at a national level.   

Over the years, this payments study has tracked the migration of payments from paper to electronic and provides aggregate important information for the Federal Reserve Board policy, operations, industry participants to support planning activities.  Previous iterations of the Federal Reserve Payments Studies are available to the public via the Federal Reserve Bank Services website at The following URLs are provided below:

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